Thursday, April 22, 2010

Open Source Discrimination

Yesterday I tried to attend a GoToMeeting sponsored by a State agency, and couldn't under my Ubuntu 9.10 OS, because GoToMeeting, which is a Citrix app, only supports Microsoft and (just recently) Mac operating systems! I almost feel discriminated against for being a Linux user and not "falling in line" under the Microsoft empire. I'm lucky that even tho my workplace is a MS Windows shop, I'm allowed to use my own OS & accompanying software, mostly because I'm sort of a test case at this point.

I already sent an irate (but polite :)) email to the Citrix folks expressing my frustration, and I received a no less polite reply from them expressing that they do not support "open source" systems, sorry for the inconvenience, blah-blah-blah.

I request that at least they allow non-Windows/Mac users to ATTEND--if not organize--these online meetings, since it's free to do so anyway. But I don't think they really care if there are some "outliers" like us who can't/won't use their product, because of the GREAT MAJORITY of people who are too scared to break free from the MS Win grip. Too bad!

Anyway, since I have a dual boot system, I had to bite the bullet and login to Windows to access the stupid meeting. It would be nice if someone found a workaround and shared it. At this point it becomes a matter of principle to NOT have to cave in.

BTW, a good alternative that also works for Linux and has multi-cast capabilities is Adobe Connect. Cheers!