Monday, September 27, 2010

A little bit of idle chatter...

The rains finally came yesterday. About time for Fall to finally show its face around here...! Temps have decreased into the 70s, which is where we need to be right now. Nights are getting longer, daytime starts later, skies appear grayer. This is my kind of weather--the kind one can stay indoors without feeling any guilt.

Fall colors, the anticipation of the Holidays! Smells of home cooking in the air: cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, hot apple cider! Apple pie, spice cookies, hot chocolate and caramel corn. Pumpkins all over the place, trick-or-treaters at your door.

And then, the smell of pine trees in the house; the family gatherings, the Christmas lights; the yule logs, the gift exchanges...

This is definitely my most favorite time of the year!

This season I vow to let go of all my resentments, all my peeves, all my ill-will. I'm tired of feeling beaten down. I'll be tolerant of the nasty political ads on TV (November elections coming up--ugh!). I'll let go of my pessimism and despondency in favor of higher intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Like doing what Our Lady of Fatima asked of us when she appeared to the little shepherds: Pray the Rosary. So when I start to feel those negative thoughts begin to creep within me, I'll do what Our Lady asked us to do. After all, what could it hurt?