Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm tired too...

This is in response to an email I got today. Another one of those emails that people just casually broadcast to everyone in their address books, subjecting all to these random and unsolicited "insights."

There are always two sides to every coin; two points of view. Nobody has the privilege of possessing absolute truth. Of one thing I'm sure: no matter who is "up there" running the place, we, the underlings down below have a moral duty to become informed and reach our OWN conclusions regarding all the important issues. We must not allow others (e.g., the moneyed, the consultants, the ad buyers, and the power brokers) do the thinking for us. We must NOT become useful fools, or clay in the hands of ruthless, unprincipled anti-patriots who find fertile ground among those who let themselves be swayed by the foaming-at-the-mouth, anti-government, pro-corporate mouthpieces who are moved solely by their own selfish interests. Instead of whining about the sad state of affairs, we should do something CONSTRUCTIVE, support those who actually possess the selfless vocation to govern, to be statesmen instead of politicians, who have respect for his or her constituents, and who seek solutions that will benefit most rather than a chosen few.

I cannot marry the dichotomy that exists today among those who claim to be "Christian" but at the same time have no regard for their fellowmen, and only look at their own well-being, with the excuse that they are guarding their own "hard-earned" whatever (money, position, goods, etc.). True, we mustn't perpetuate the bad habits of those who choose to get on the free ride by not making an effort to succeed, by purposely becoming a burden to society, etc. But we also must be objective and realize that many of those dispossessed are there not by their own choosing, but have been carrying the burdensome baggage of inherited disenfranchisement, social, educational, political, and financial.

It's easy to blame the one who is on top--God knows we slapped the previous one with every blame in the book during his tenure too--however, there is only so much anyone can do when bogged down by the endless tug-of-war between those who are in and those who are "out" but want to be "in." I'm amazed at the strident voices that those who are on the "out" are using to block every effort of the current administration to get ANYTHING DONE. I can't fathom how seemingly intelligent people with half a brain give credit to these deranged extremists--who by the way are now so desperate that they're resorting to the same intimidation and terrorist acts that they're supposed to be condemning.

I'm sorry for the rant. But I'm really tired of having to listen to yet another piece of misinformed, destructive and utterly biased point of view.