Monday, March 22, 2010

We are all connected

If there is anything that makes me feel lucky to be living during these times, it's the astounding evolution of communications. I remember way back in 1990 during the 1st Iraq War (Desert Storm), when we were all vacationing down in the South of Chile when the war started. We had carried a tiny portable TV set--not much bigger than a Blackberry of today--and we were able to tune in to CNN and watch the action, live, in our modest little hotel, where there was no TV. We thought we were so very cool and so "with it!" Actually, we were.

Today, minutes--seconds--after the Chilean earthquake, we were all tuned in, watching news online, live, twittering with each other, sending text messages, etc., and staying updated to the second. There are no boundaries now. No matter how far we may be from each other, we can always communicate. We are now at arms length, literally.

When Arturo was in China the second time around--and that was still a few years ago--we were already being able to stay connected via online messaging and/or Skype. Today, the possibilities are boundless.

It is so fantastic! I'm excited about the future. I only hope I can stick around long enough to experience all the marvels that are in store for us in the area of technology and communications.