Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At the Coffee Shop

I'm so glad to have this cool place to hang out here in this little town of Covington. Every town needs such a place, "where everybody knows your name." We come here often, to sit & read, or to get online (free wifi), accompanied by a great cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, and if the mood strikes, by a scrumptious piece of cake, baked on the premises by a very talented chef. Or one may sometimes want a bread bowl of soup. Oh, did I say that they bake their own breads too? It just so happens that the owner (Charlie) also owns the only real bakery in town, where the most delicious specialty breads come out every day. He makes all kinds of breads: sourdough, foccacia, whole grain, cinnamon, nut, etc. Also muffins, pizzas and everything baked! Then he brings some to the coffee shop--mostly run by his wife Linda--where they complement the other exquisite food offerings. The people who run it are oh so very nice, making one feel right at home. I love to see places like these thrive; they deserve to. Many groups meet here--a local knitting club on Saturday mornings, a scrabble club on Tuesday evenings, even my book club met here once--which goes to show that people will in fact gravitate to where they can find comfort, good food, and good atmosphere. I love this place!