Monday, October 11, 2010

On becoming a Providence Associate...

So I've finally decided to “put my money where my mouth is...” I have embarked in the great adventure that is to join this confraternity of women (and men!) working together for a common cause, summarized in the three terms that define the Order of the Sisters of Providence's charism: Love, Mercy, and Justice.

After spending a good part of this past week-end in the company of the Sisters of Providence and other initiates, at Saint Mary of the Woods, Indiana, I have come out invigorated to work towards hopefully making a positive contribution to humankind (or at least to my immediate cohorts) in the pursuit of those ideals. The road is long and most likely covered with obstacles and deterrents of many kinds—all worthy endeavors are that way—but I hope I can channel a good part of my energies in the right direction, instead of just floundering around, becoming angry and frustrated at the world's injustices, at people's folly, at the impossibility to effect the changes that I feel might make this a better world to live in.

By joining the effort of the Sisters of Providence, I hope to join my voice to that of the many other voices that carry out their mission of peace and justice in a constructive way. in an effective way, in a meaningful way.

I thank you, sisters, for the opportunity, and most of all, I thank God for having pointed me in the right direction!